NALFO History


NALFO Timeline

  • 1997 – Latino fraternity and sorority leaders organized a series of meetings around the country to set the groundwork for what would become NALFO
  • 1998 – NALFO was incorporated
  • 2001 – NALFO merged with ConcilioNactional de Hermandades Latinas (CNHL) to form a single umbrella organization for Latino fraternities and sororities
  • 2003 – First local NALFO council is piloted at Arizona State University
  • 2007 – Shared standards were adopted for membership intake (2.5 GPA and no first term freshmen)
  • 2009 – Adopted anti-hazing and open expansion policies
  • 2012 – NALFO develops partnerships with City Year and ALPFA
  • 2012 – NALFO establishes annual National Day of Service
  • 2013 – NALFO holds first ever Meet Ups
  • 2013 – NALFO develops partnerships with Voto Latino, Teach for America
  • Today – NALFO is made up of 20 member organizations, 5,500 undergraduate members and 30,000 alumni

NALFO Founding

  • To unite and empower Latino organizations and their communities through advocacy, cultural awareness, and organizational development while fostering positive inter fraternal relationships and collaborating on issues of mutual interest
  • To create an umbrella organization that unified the Latino fraternities and sororities and advocated on behalf with the general public and the administration
  • To develop a set of shared standards that reinforced the credibility of each of the member organizations

NALFO Branding

  • The Crescent – The coming together of various entities, an eclipse.
  • Torch – Vision of Hope and Enlightenment.
  • Colors – Adopted from the flags of Latin America
    • Gold – Opportunity. The “potential” we possess as one NALFO
    • Red – Hermandad. The blood and passion we share within NALFO
    • Green – Growth. Investing in our communities to help them thrive
    • Blue – Clarity. The agents of change to ”better” our people
  • Tagline – Latino Greeks United