NALFO Meet-ups

Last year, NALFO introduced a new national initiative called the NALFO Community MeetUps, a series of workshops that facilitated a positive dialogue between the membership and board members while developing valuable relationships to strengthen Latino Greek communities. Drawing upon the needs of their respective regions, Regional Vice Chairs delivered customized half-day workshops to educate members about NALFO while exploring ways to improve the NALFO experience. 

With another set of MeetUps coming this spring, we are eager to deliver a world-class program for our membership through keynote presentations, leadership reference panels, and roundtable discussions. Following an exciting rebranding and a successful Day of Service campaign, the timing is perfect for us to come together and achieve the following:

  • Reinforce NALFO’s vision and promote new programs
  • Explore ways to make NALFO exciting and relevant for our members
  • Discuss how NALFO can advocate for our members and help overcome existing challenges
  • Network and meet new members